Wizkids D&D Icons of the Realms: Adult Deep Dragon Review - Incredible Detail To Scare Your Players

The Adult Deep Dragon complete with glossy eye end spore growths is one of the latest Dragon miniatures from Wizkids to populate your D&D world with.

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The Adult Deep Dragon for Dungeons & Dragons from Wizkids in a mock battle

While Dragons might be half of the Dungeons & Dragons name if you're using official adventures running across a dragon isn't all that common. Fizban's Treasury of Dragons introduced many new dragons including the Adult Deep Dragon which Wizkids has released a miniature for.

The Adult Deep Dragon is a CR 11 dragon that makes its home in the Underdark. Described as the "nightmarish cousins of chromatic dragons" the Adult Deep Dragon is equipped with a number of the normal dragon tricks but instead of an elemental breath like fire or lightning, the Adult Deep Dragon instead has a bevy of spore-based abilities.

A close up of the Adult Deep Dragon from Wizkids

Wizkids Adult Deep Dragon is a sight to behold. This huge dragon sits on a base that will take up a 15x15 space, or 3x3 squares if you're using a standard-sized map. Adding to the impressive scale of the dragon its actual features - its head, tail, and wings - all extend much further past the base.

I've criticized some minis in the past for extending too far past their base. What makes it work so well for the Adult Deep Dragon is that most of these protrusions extend far above what you'd expect of a medium-sized miniature.

Instead of the protrusions negatively impacting game space, it now gives a better sense of scale. A player will understand how large this monster is when their characters aren't even able to reach its neck in combat.

Matching the official description of the Adult Deep Dragon from Fizban's Treasury of Dragons the surface along the back of the Adult Deep Dragon is smooth. Layered down the neck of the dragon are a series of fungal growths

Deep dragons’ black-and-gray hide is smooth like a salamander’s, and their eyes are pale.

There's incredible work done in the visual storytelling of a creature that looks like this. With fungal growths, it can inform your party that they're up against a creature that will likely use fungus or spores in its attack.

A mock battle between players and the Adult Deep Dragon

Players may also be able to discern from the miniature that it's used to living in caves or dark areas with its pale eyes, and with its wings folded back can allow it to maneuver quickly through narrow spaces.

The textures along the surface of this miniature are fantastic. It feels unsettling as you move your fingers from the smooth back up the neck towards its mushroom growths. The texture on the Adult Deep Dragon's wings is immaculate.

Across each wing, you'll find a mix of smooth but folded-up wing fabric and fungus roots that spiderweb out among a few mushroom outbreaks.

While there's no specific adventure that an Adult Deep Dragon appears in for any homemade quests that have to do with the sharing of secrets, social manipulation, or crafty dealmaking the Adult Deep Dragon is one that you should include.

D&D Icons of the Realms: Adult Deep Dragon Review | Final Thoughts

As always Wizkids blows me away with their ability to so faithfully recreate a monster from Dungeons & Dragons based on its official art. To see how much detail can be put into elements like the Dragon's wings or like they've done with giants in the past makes me wish the game was always played on a larger scale.

While there's no official adventure that factors in an Adult Deep Dragon it's purpose as a 'corrupted' dragon, or links to secrets, make it a very easy dragon to drop into your campaign the next time the party dives into a deep cave system.

The Adult Deep Dragon miniature will be available in local game stores and online in February 2024.

The Wizkids D&D Icons of the Realms: Adult Deep Dragon used in the creation of this review were provided by Wizkids.

Review Summary

The Adult Deep Dragon has had incredible detail placed upon it from it's glossy eye and mushroom growths, to the textures on it's wing. Visually it tells a great story for players to learn and is going to be a hit wherever you can fit it into your game. (Review Policy)

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