Free League Publishing Reveals 2024 Release Slate

Swedish developer Free League Publishing has big plans for 2024. Those plans include a new spin-off game for Mutant Year Zero and expansions for The One Ring and Blade Runner.

Published: February 6, 2024 5:53 PM /


A promotional screenshot of Mutant Year Zero: Zone Wars, showing a duck man and a humanoid in a leather cap, standing in front of an orange sunset.

As 2024 continues, more tabletop publishers are preparing schedules for upcoming releases. Free League Publishing, most well-known for The One Ring and Mork Borg, has unveiled its slate for the year, which includes both new releases as well as supplements for their existing properties.

The Free League Publishing 2024 Release Slate

In an official press release, Free League Publishing announced their line-up of 2024 tabletop releases. Some of the releases in the schedule are products they have announced in the past. These include The One Ring Moria – Through The Doors of Durin, and several supplements for Ruins of Symbaroum.

A screenshot of miniatures and terrain seen from Free League Publishing's skirmish game Mutant Year Zero: Zone Wars
The apocalypse just got more interesting.

In addition, the press release featured more expansions coming to Free League's RPGs. Two new books for the Blade Runner RPG are confirmed for 2024.: the Replicant Rebellion sourcebook and Fiery Angels case file. In addition, two new expansions are coming for their sci-fi titles Death In Space and CY_BORG.

As for brand new releases in 2024, Free League confirmed two. The first is the successfully crowdfunded The Electric State RPG. This is a tabletop adaptation of the graphic novel by Simon Stålenhag. It is set in an alternate history 1997 where a teenage girl and her toy robot journey through a technologically ravaged Southwestern United States.

This isn't the first work by Stålenhag to get a tabletop adaptation. That distinction goes to Tales From The Loop.

Lastly, there is Mutant Year Zero: Zone Wars, a tabletop miniatures game set in the titular post-apocalyptic world. It is designed for up to four players. The initial release will include two core sets, complete with dice, miniatures, rules, cards, and paper terrain.

If you have played the Mutant Year Zero TTRPG, Zone Wars is compatible with the system. You can take your characters from your campaign and put them into these miniature skirmishes, or continue the tales of the Zone Wars matches in the RPG.

Mutant Year Zero: Zone Wars was designed by Tomas Härenstam (Mutant Year Zero, Alien RPG, Twilight 2000), and Andy Chambers (Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic, Dropzone Commander).

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