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Ichiban jumping into the air on a sunny day.

Our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Job Guide will go over how jobs work in this latest entry, including why it’s worth using as many as possible.

Being introduced to Alo-Happy Tours.

How to Change Jobs

To start with, Ichiban and the gang will only have access to their unique jobs (ones that other characters will never get access to). To change them, you must progress through the story until Chapter 5. During this chapter, you’ll be introduced to Alo-Happy Tours.

Alo-Happy Tours is where you’ll go to unlock new jobs and switch which ones you’re currently using. Note that while there are multiple Alo-Happy Tours locations (including one in Yokohama) you can only unlock new jobs at the building in Waikiki.

Unlocking jobs requires a certain Personality stat for Ichiban, along with a certain amount of cash. In addition, Ichiban can also unlock his exclusive Sujimancer job by going through the Sujimon storyline.

How to Unlock All Infinite Wealth Jobs

  • Sujimancer - Unlocked by completing Substory 38 (the first Sujimon boss). Exclusive to Ichiban.
  • Aquanaut - Diving Tour. Requires Kindness lv. 1, Free. Available as part of the job tutorial.
  • Geodancer - Hula Exhibition. Requires Passion lv. 1, $200.
  • Kunoichi - Yoga on the Shore. Requires Intellect lv. 5, $1,600.
  • Housekeeper - Duty-Free Shopping - Requires Kindness lv. 4, $200.
  • Cowboy - Water Gun Shootout. Requires Style lv. 5, $1,600.
  • Pyrodancer -Fire Dancing Exhibition/ Requires Passion lv. 3, $200.
  • Action Star - Parasailing Experience. Requires Charisma lv 4, $200.
  • Samurai - Trolley Tour. Requires Confidence lv. 5, $1,600.
  • Linebacker - *Requires Special Job Set DLC*, Confidence lv. 5
  • Tennis Ace - *Requires Special Job Set DLC*, Charisma lv. 5
  • Host, Breaker, Chef, Idol and Night Queen - Unlocked as part of the main story.

The skill list for Freelancer.

What Carries Over Between Jobs?

While you’re able to complete the game simply by sticking to one job, there are benefits for switching between them. When checking a character’s jobs in the menu, press the F key / Y button to check skills.

Each job unlocks new skills as it levels up, shown with a large red circle next to them in the list. A limited number of these can be assigned to characters at Alo-Happy changing rooms, regardless of their current job once unlocked.

Meanwhile, stat boosts are shown with a small yellow dot next to them in the list. These are separate from the stat boosts you get from leveling characters and jobs, and are permanent increases.

Even if you only plan to use one job most of the time, it’s worth getting each one to at least level 16. This will give you a good amount of extra HP and MP on all jobs.

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