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Nathan talking to Ichiban.

Our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Samurai, May We Walk Together? Guide will go over how to complete this early substory and the rewards for doing so.

Substory 15, Samurai, May We Walk Together?, is available from Chapter 3 after Poundmates (summons) are unlocked during the main story. Found on West Aloha Beach (make sure to avoid the high level enemies if attempting this straight away), walking to the substory marker will trigger an event where Ichiban deals with a couple of harassers.

Afterwards, an American man named Nathan with a (somewhat skewed) passion for Japan will ask Ichiban for help with his failing TV show. After accepting, you'll be given different scenarios and asked to pick from multiple options in each.

Choosing which dish to eat during the substory.

Samurai, May We Walk Together? Choices

While Ichiban wants to enjoy what Hawaii has to offer, you're required to pick the options that are stereotypically Japanese. While the substory will still continue if you pick the "wrong" options, you'll get stat boosts for picking the ones Nathan is expecting.

The options to choose for each part of the substory are:

  • Choosing a meal - "Rice and Millet?"
  • Choosing how to keep dry - "...The Hat."
  • Choosing darts - No choice required.

After getting through the recording portion, you'll have to stop some men from attacking Nathan. Doing so will finish the substory, netting you a few rewards.

Rewards For Completing the Substory

Choosing the right options mentioned above will give Ichiban boosts to his Cofidence and Kindness Personality stats. You'll also be given 2 Bright Yellow Sweets (consumable thatheals both HP and MP) and unlock Nathan for the Poundmates app.

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