Star Citizen Is Now Free to Play For a Week as New Video Features in-Game Branding

If you want to form your own opinion about the much-discussed Star Citizen, it's free to play now for a week on PC, while a new video focuses on the creation of in-game branding.

Published: February 9, 2024 5:30 AM /


The ships flyable during the Free Fly Event in Star Citizen

Star Citizen is now free to play for a week thanks to the latest Free Fly event celebrating Valentine's Day and the Lunar New Year. 

Players will be able to create an account on the official site and then simply download the client and play until February 15. They'll have access to the full current built Alpha 3.22 with no limitation, and it's a great way to make your own mind about this much-discussed game. 

On top of that, five ships will be available to fly from the start for the duration of the event, the Luxurious Origin 400i and 100i, the Rugged Consolidated Outland Nomad (basically a space Tesla Cybertruck), the powerful X-Wing-style RSI Scorpius fighter, and the MISC Prospector mining ship. 

The Origin 400i in Star Citizen
The Origin 400i is likely the most interesting you'll get to fly during this event.

Incidentally, two in-game events have been launched at the same time. Coramor celebrates Valentine's Day, and the Red Festival celebrates the Lunar New Year (with the inevitable red envelopes to collect).

For those who try the game and feel convinced enough, there are two discounted base packages 20% off. The New Loves Nomad Starter Pack includes the Consolidated Outland Nomad with a metallic Pink skin (don't worry, you also get the base Tesla Cybertruck-style color) priced at $76.00, and the 100i Red Festival Starter Pack including the Origin 100i with a red skin for $52. 

On top of the access to the game, the ship, and the skin, both packages also come with boost started in-game currency, 20,000 UEC instead of 1,000.

Since you've already heard about quite a few brands in this post, today Cloud Imperium Games also released a new video showcasing how the fictional brands that enrich the game's lore are created and maintanined. You can watch it below.

Star Citizen is a crowdfunded game and backers have pledged $664,027,589 in funding at the moment of this writing. 5,067,514 have been registered, albeit if you paid attention, you already know that not all are paying customers, since many accounts are created for free fly events like the ongoing one.

The game is in active development exclusively for PC, and Cloud Imperium Games already revealed quite a few features that should come with the next Alpha 3.23 planned for April.

A single-player cinematic campaign titled Squadron 42 is also coming. It doesn't yet have a firm release date, but  we recently heard that it's feature-complete and it's currently being polished ahead of launch.

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