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There’s a lot to do in Palworld, and one of the most important things you’ll do is build a base. You’ll need one from the very beginning of the game, and as you unlock more technology, you’ll get more advanced base technology to create bigger and better (and more impressive) bases. 

Here’s what you need to know about building a base in Palworld

Palworld Base Technology

To build anything in Palworld, you’ll need to use the Technology tree. As your player level increases, you’ll unlock more Technology options you can unlock with Technology Points, which you also get as your Player Level increases. 

Palworld Starter Base Building
The beginning area has a nice base to use at the start.

This is the key to unlocking anything in the game, from weapons to clothes to Pal Spheres to Pal equipment. When it comes to things you unlock for your base, here’s what you should look out for:

  • Structural things, like structure sets, walls, etc
  • Defensive items, like the Alarm Bell, Sandbags, gates, etc
  • Home items, like a bed, furniture sets, etc
  • Crafting items, like the Sphere Workbench, Mill, Cooking Pot, etc
  • Boosting items, like the Flower Bed, Snowman, etc

These different items also have quality differences as you level up. For example, the first workbench you create gets an upgrade at level 11. Some materials are even better than previous ones – stone or metal structure sets are better than the wooden ones you unlock first. 

There’s also Ancient Technology, which is a bit different than normal Technology and doesn’t generally create things for your base. 

Palworld Building - How To Build

Palworld Cooking
While you can deploy Pals for everything, you can also do some activities on your own.

There are two main ways to build things. You can use ‘B’ to build most things around your base (or even to build a Palbox to create a base). This lets you build everything from your house to structures for your Pals to different workspaces.

However, many of the items you’ll need, like ammo or food or crafting items, you’ll need to do at different workspaces. You’ll need to build the actual crafting space (such as a Weapons Workbench or a Cooking Pot) and then craft at the station itself to make these items. Because of this, it’s a good idea to build most things you unlock as you do so. 

Deploying Pals at Your Base

You don’t have to physically build everything yourself, either. Your Pals will build and craft things for you, and they’ll run your entire base if you set them up for it. You can deploy Pals to your base using the Palbox.

Pals on base
There are a few places around Palworld that look like ruins and make great bases.

The number of Pals you can have out working depends on your Base Level, which you can see by interacting with your Palbox. There are missions you’ll need to complete to increase your Base Level, and you can see this on the Palbox or on the right side of your screen when you’re in your base.

When you have Pals at your base, you’ll need stuff to take care of them. This includes beds for them and food. Other things, like a Hot Spring, can improve their Sanity (SAN). 

To direct your Pals, you can either pick them up and throw them at the area you want them to work in or use something like a monitoring stand to direct them where to go. You can see what Pals are good at what when viewing your Pal. On the right side of the screen, there will be a bar with little icons that are either blank or highlighted. Here’s a little guide for what they mean:

  • Campfire: Kindling
  • Seed: Planting
  • Hand: Handiwork
  • Wood: Lumbering
  • Bowl: Medicine Production
  • Box: Transporting
  • Watering Can: Watering
  • Lightning: Generating Electricity
  • Leaves: Gathering
  • Pickaxe: Mining
  • Snowflake: Cooling
  • Gate: Farming

Palworld Base Building

Palworld home building
Base building in Palworld means building a home, too. 

There are a few key things you’ll need to make a base. First and foremost is a Palbox – this is what makes your base an actual base and not just an area with a workbench. You can only have a limited number of Palboxes, and it’s determined by your Base Level. As you upgrade it, you’ll be able to get more bases. 

The Palbox is what holds all the Pals you don’t have in your party. It’s also a Fast Travel point, and the placement of the Palbox determines how big and where your base is. You can see this area by zooming out and looking at the blue radius around the Palbox.

Besides the crafting benches and areas, you’ll also want to build a home. A bed lets you sleep through the night in Palworld, but you can’t do that unless you’ve laid a foundation. There’s a plethora of options that let you build a home however large (or tall) you want it, and you can create rooms to fill with furniture. For example, there are bathroom sets you can unlock with Technology, rugs, kitchen sets, living room sets, office furniture, and more. 

Making your base a home can be great, but just make sure you upgrade from wood to stone or metal when you can – fire Pals can raid you and burn down wooden structures, which can feel demoralizing and depressing. 


That’s all there is to building a base in Palworld. If you have any more tips and tricks, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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